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America's Radio Station is your best blend of JazzTop40LightRock.

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KFEE Digital Radio & The Morning Coffee Mix™ are digital radio for your coffee break and day. Our unique blend of JazzTop40LightRock is a great way to enjoy your day. Many of our shows are socially interactive featuring live chats from our Facebook Page.


What people are saying:

"My book had only been out for a short time, when James Larkin Smith contacted me. He wanted me interview me for his radio program. He had suffered a similar brain injury and experience, found my book inspiring, and thought my message would benefit others.The insight that James shares as a host, makes his program so real and hopeful. Listening to his show is always fun, but it's also educational and insightful. As the boomers age, there are few who will not have been touched themselves with major health challenges. Programming that holds inspiring messages, with a healthy dose of fun, will only grow in demand. James offers years of experience, as well as a loyal following" . 

- Kim Justus, author of "In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond". 


 "The selection of music on The Morning Coffee Mix is always interesting and eclectic, full of “aha” moments. It’s one of the few shows  I can count on to play great music consistently".

-John Murell (Avid Listener). 


 "I've listened to James Larken Smith often  His radio show is engaging and lively. My only complaint is, it doesn't last long enough,  Great job, James!".

-Patricia Bertrand, Owner of www.aurorisentertainment.com . 


 "It was a great day when I found The Morning Coffee Mix. James was so cheerful and upbeat and the music was great. Raised by a mom who had parts of her life where her mobility was gone, I learned that James had mobility problems as well as other hiccups in life, yet he is the most upbeat person! There has been so much fun and hilarity associated with the show as the years go by with the show, staff, and his long time compadres and his fans , who are so special. Having met him many times,  I am so happy to have stumbled on this great way to start my day.  It has been the most wonderful, fun, light-hearted and uplifting radio show imaginable and I am so thankful to have it be a part of my life".

-Jody Thorne, Long time Listener and virtual world expert. 

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KFEE also includes unique programming:(All Times Central USA)

 Jennifer Kim's Workout - 8:30am, Everyday

TheMorningCoffeeMix Radio Show with JamesLarken - 10am, Week Days

Liquid Mondays with Emmi Chen - 9pm, Mondays

Jazz & Tonic with Rick Ellis - 9pm, Wednesday

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FEE Digital Radio & The Morning Coffee Mix™ are an  active StreamLicensing™ Affiliate.

This Affiliate's ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and SOCAN royalties and performance fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing™ LLC.

 The Morning Coffee Mix™ is a member of the National Association of Digital Broadcasters(NAdB) and has been assigned the call letters KFEE-DB by the Internet Radio Uniform Callsign (IRUC). Our offices and broadcast concentrations are located in both Illinois & Texas. Our studios are headquartered in Sugar Land (Houston) & Austin Texas. 


Licensing verification report for "America's Radio! TheMorningCoffeeMix™ -- KFEE-DB"
Station's registered website address: http://www.themorningcoffeemix.com

VALIDATED: This is an active StreamLicensing™ Affiliate.

This Affiliate's ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and SOCAN royalties and performance fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing™ LLC.

This station is affiliated with StreamLicensing™ for the sole purpose of royalty and performance fee coverage. StreamLicensing™ does not endorse any content or approve any claims and/or products presented. Any illegal activity, or failure to abide by StreamLicensing™ Terms Of Service, terminates affiliation immediately.

Now you can afford to be a legal Internet radio broadcaster! Check out StreamLicensing
for affordable, hassle-free royalty coverage for your Internet radio station.





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We accept potential recorded programming, music, show ideas, & KFEE Digital Radio on-air talent for consideration. On air programming must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • Quality - We only play professional sounding material and on-air talent. You do not have to be perfect, but you must strive to be.
  • Genre - JazzTop40LightRock. No rap, no screamers, no heavy metal, some Top40 country is acceptable. All sets/shows need to contain a rotation of some of our genres.
  • Audio - Material should be encoded at 128kbs in the MP3 format, with minimal drops and interference. Live shows need a steady and reliable internet connection with a minimum DSL 2mps line.
  • Legal requirements - We follow standard ASCAP/BMI requirements, meaning any music that is played on air requires the artist be BMI/ASCAP, or we need written or electronic permission from the artist. Artists, songs, or songs from the same album cannot be repeated within a 3 hour time span. Recorded shows need to be accompanied with a set list so BMI/ASCAP data reports can be sent to our license holder.
  • We do not at this time compensate financially on-air talent. Our on air staff are hobbyist who love music.
  • Live shows bearing "The Morning Coffee MIx™" & KFEE-DB name require branding, available for free to the broadcaster. 
  • Our current KFEE Digital Radio license does not allow commercials, though sponsorship is acceptable. Any sponsors appearing on "The Morning Coffee Mix" brand cannot be affiliated with pornography, or tobacco. Any sponsor affiliated with our branded product must be approved by the program manager.
  • No cursing on air. We consider ourselves a "Safe At Work" FCC legal station. 
  • We encourage your music & CD submissions, though submission do not constitute that you will be on the air. If we like it, we'll play it.

We welcome show ideas, celebrity A & B list interviews for the radio show, song & cd's, and folks desiring to be on air talent. We offer freedom within this criteria, and welcome you to be a part of this quality branded broadcast station and radio show.

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