Recap: CIMMFest Kick-off Party

While opening night of the Chicago International Movies and Music Fest officially starts today, the kick off party yesterday was definitely done in style at the Double Door! Both Davina and the Vagabonds and Windy City Soul Club played some great tunes to get the crowd dancing.
I had the chance to meet Dave Moore (Co-Executive Director), Vinh Tran (Creative Director), and Marcey Abramovitz (College & Radio Outreach Project Manager) and learn about their involvement in the festival. Jennifer and I also got interviewed ourselves by CIMMFest as the “first person to ever win a trip to the festival.” I’ll post the video as soon as it’s up!
When I spoke to Dave, I asked him about how he had first heard about CIMMFest and he mentioned that he attended his first year as a fan. He told me that the festival had great live scores of movies (which I didn’t know about!) so I asked him if he had any recommendations for the week. He specifically called out tonight’s show at the Double Door again with Wrekmeister Harmonies doing a live score of Häxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages as something worth going to!
As for the more design-related pieces of CIMMFest, I chatted briefly with Vinh about his work. Vinh and his team were responsible for all of the design aspects of the festival from logos to the website to the posters.
Lastly, I found out that Marcey was really the reason I got to go to the fest because she had gotten our passes!
Stay tuned for more details as tonight’s events get underway.


CIMMFEST In Full Bloom!

Our pair of Jennifers are meeting lots of folks at CIMMFEST. And enjoying the performances like Prism & Saxophonist Larry Ochs.

Prism performing at CIMMFEST


Larry Ochs Performing
Larry Ochs performing at CIMMFEST

Larry OchsKFEE talks to Larry Ochs at CIMMFEST.

KFEE contest winner Jennifer at CIMMFEST
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